M & L Fabrics Discount Store in Anaheim is a family owned business and has been since 1997. Being a family owned business means we carry very much about your experience, that your needs are met and that we take the time to order the inventory and stock that you our clients ask of us. M & L Fabrics was started by my father, in Anaheim, California in 1973 “M” stands for his name “Marcel” and “L” for his wife “Lily”. My father ran the store until 1998 when he retired then I, Jenny (yes, of Jenny’s Fabrics) took over the family business. I now run both M & L Fabrics Discount Fabrics of Anaheim and Jenny’s Fabrics of Fountain Valley, California. My father’s concept was to sell the best quality fabric at discount prices. I continue his wishes and you will always find great bargains on name brand fabrics in our store.